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Access all your mortgage options with just one phone call, one application. I work on your behalf and will place your mortgage with the lender that is the best fit for you, whether it’s a major bank or a private lender.

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Affordability and Payment Calculator

Mortgage calculators allow you to make informed financing decisions. My calculators are easy to use and give you the information you need. For the best advice, click here to contact me.

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Pre-qualification instantly

In less than 5 minutes, our mortgage pre-qualification will let you know how much you can expect to borrow. You can shop for your future home with peace-of-mind. In addition, this will demonstrate to sellers that you are a serious buyer. That may be an advantage in the negotiations.

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Process & costs worksheet

Document to help you better understand the steps and budget the cost associated with the purchase of a Property



As an Accredited Mortgage Professional I have a network of experts that I can recommend to help with your home ownership objective. Please contact me for more information.
  • Lawyers
  • Contractors
  • Realtor
  • Inspector
  • Appraiser

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5%* CASH BACK On Home Improvements Purchase

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Purchase plus improvements

If you’re planning improvements for a home you’re about to purchase, it may be advantageous to finance the renovations at the time of purchase by adding their estimated costs to your mortgage.

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